For the sake of enlightening the amateurs, we need to ensure we all understand the concept first, before proceeding to what it entails. Facilities management is that profession which primarily encompasses multiple disciplines, for the sake of ensuring proper functionality of the built environment. It does this by integrating the place, people, processes and also technology in a way. Well, for use to understand what facilities, management actually means, let’s check the eleven competencies connected to it. The first one is, it means that the strategic demands for communication are well met in an organization, the possibilities of having emergency preparedness for business continuity is well structured and ensuing finance and business are well taken care of.

Further, this strategy also ensures that the concerned organization has proper environmental sustainability and stewardship processes, human factors are well taken care of, maintenance and operation are as expected in an organization. It also ensures there is quality, technology in use is suitable, there is an actual aspect of project management, and there is the final bit of managing the property and real estate. For you to qualify as a facilities management personnel, you’ll need to undergo several series of workshop training which focuses on the basic concepts which describe this field, and its value to an organization. That means the skills are therefore acquired through learning, after which the experience comes in later.

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