An engineer deals with money, man and machines; the work of facilities manager is to organize the work place and ensure that the environment is conducive for work/habitation.Just like in engineering where you conceive an idea, create it and actualize, facility management requires the ability to organize a property by having in place the required services to ensure that the facility and the area around is conducive.

Someone trusts you with their facility/property and believes in you that you will through your expertise make it a place everyone would want to occupy.Some of the services you are required to avail are;-the property and compound maintenance-cleaning of all areas and surfaces-catering and hospitality-security services- health and safety services

Generally, whatever happens in that building is under your care; what needs to be installed is done by you and anything that needs fixing is part of your responsibility- the owner is hands off.

A facility owner will hire you to do the management services so that they can get the best out of that heavy investment. They are ready to part with any amount of money as long as they are assured that there will be good return. The better the management of the property, the more clients are attracted hence the more the revenues. The facilities manager will determine value they will charge for their services and this is by in turn giving quality services.

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